Roanne Products was established in the 70’s. Initially it focused on the marketing and distribution of its product range while it  outsourced the manufacture there of. As Roanne’s product range  grew and secured market share, Roanne Products embarked on a  process of vertical integration incorporating the function of  manufacture. The range initially manufactured comprised, hair care products (Alkod, Alklene Shampoo, Alkonditioner & A.K.D.), catering to a niche market segment, people experiencing hair loss. Distribution of the product range was and still remains  through pharmaceutical wholesalers and retail pharmacies. 

By August / September 1998 the prime interest rate had risen to  25,50%. High interest rates impacted negatively on the amount of




disposable income available to the consumers of  our range of products resulting in reduced sales. It was at this point that we had  to identify an alternative to producing a product range that our  consumers classified as a luxury good and start producing goods  that would broadly be classified as essentials and find application  within a far larger market segment all be it a more competitive one.  This resulted in the birth of a range of  cleaning chemicals that could be used in ones home and industry such as General Purposes  Cleaners, All Purpose Cleaners, Degreasers, Waterless Hand  Cleaners, Dish Wash Liquid etc which we manufacture and distribute.